Ginny Chilton – Director of Music Ministries


Ginny Chilton

I wear a number of hats as the Music Minister here at Church of the Ascension. On Sundays I play the organ and piano at both services and direct our adult choir. On Tuesdays you’ll find me working with the Day School, teaching songs of faith to children ages 2-5. Thursdays are my day to rehearse the adult choir, practice up in the organ loft, and dig through our church’s extensive music library as I plan worship. What I love about my job here is that I am doing ministry as well as music. It is a joy to use my talents and training to bring our children and adults closer to God through music.

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About Ginny

I have been working as a church musician since 2004, when I landed my first post-college job in a small-town Methodist church. I found I enjoyed the variety that comes with working in a church: organ music, worship planning, choir directing, children’s music, handbells, etc. I came to Church of the Ascension when my husband and I moved here in 2015. We welcomed our first child just a few months later, so that was a big year for us! Before that, we had been living in Boston, where I completed two master’s degrees at Boston University: a master’s of sacred music and a master’s of divinity.

I grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, where my parents and I were active in our neighborhood Episcopal Church. It was a particularly young and vibrant church, and I think this time was formative for me because I was able to see how God comes to life through worship and in meaningful relationships with others. It was a place I felt truly alive, and I can appreciate now how unsurprising it is that I became a professional church musician; as an overachieving high school student I assumed I would be hot shot lawyer or doctor one day– ha! As much as I pushed God and church away as a college student and young adult, God always pulled me right back. So whether you’re a cradle Episcopalian or you’re new to this whole church thing, I hope you’ll find in me someone you can relate to.

My husband, James, and I met as undergrads at the University of Virginia. We were members of the Pep Band together, and fell in love writing the comedy scripts for our half-time shows. I’m glad, especially now that we have a young child, that we never grew out of our love of laughter and general silliness. When I’m not at work, or at a women’s Bible study, I love laughing and playing music with my family.

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