Who We Are…

Ascension is a diverse, generous and faithful community.

We seek to be a place in which all people discover God and a deep sense of mission and purpose. As a congregation of the Episcopal Church we are anchored in a centuries old tradition that is ancient yet new, ritualized yet relaxed, transcendent yet intimate, reverent yet filled with life. While some of us have been Episcopalians for all of our lives, others have found the Episcopal Church only recently. What we share is a common desire to seek and find God in the context of a community. We want to walk this journey with others . . . in worship, in conversation, through learning, in fellowship, and in service to the Tidewater area and the world. We strive to be a place where we nurture each other on an intriguing journey of faith and fellowship – a journey to learn more about the Lord’s wishes for us and about the gifts given to us by God to empower us along the way. We want to be a place where anyone regardless of age, race or sexual orientation can experience a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

As Episcopalians…

As Episcopalians, we are followers of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and we believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
The Episcopal Church has members in the United States, as well as in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Haiti, Honduras, Micronesia, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, Venezuela, and the Virgin Islands. We strive to love our neighbors as ourselves and respect the dignity of every person. MORE >>



“In him you have brought us out of error into truth, out of sin into righteousness, out of death into life”
As Episcopalians, we are followers of Jesus Christ, and both our worship and our mission are in Christ’s name. In Jesus, we find that the nature of God is love, and through baptism, we share in his victory over sin and death. MORE >>

Whoever you are and whatever your background, there’s a place for you at Ascension.

Questions? Feel free to contact our clergy.

We are affiliated with:

The Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia
The Episcopal Church
The Anglican Communion