Acknowledging Donations

Acknowledging Donations made to the Church of the Ascension


For a cash contribution given by someone just visiting the church on Sunday and under $100, no thank you note is necessary.  For cash donations over $100 or not-cash donations, send thank you note.

For any donation given for a specific reason (i.e. memorials, in honor or memory, NEST) send thank you note: if the donation was made in memory of someone, also send acknowledgement to person or family for whom the donation was made, specifying by whom it was made.

For “significant” gifts (over $100 in cash or goods), the Financial Secretary or Treasurer will also notify the Senior Warden and Rector, who will also coordinate sending a Thank You letter to the appropriate persons.   We will err on the side of writing a letter if there is a question of appropriateness.

The Treasurer will send the information on any donation that result in a thank you note being written to the Web Master for inclusion on the Memorial Page of the Web Site.

File a copy of all thank you letters in Finance drawer of the filing cabinet.