Political Announcements and Materials

Christ charges us to be about the world and to participate in a Christ-like life outside of the church. We recognize that world problems significantly affect our lives both in and out of the church, and that we live in a free and open society where some of our most cherished privileges are the right to free speech and to vote. We also recognize and embrace the diversity of people and of opinions that reside at Ascension. Therefore, the Vestry of the Church of the Ascension establishes the following policy with regard to “political issues and their support by church members on church property”
Descriptive political material may be placed in the “tract rack” or immediate area by interested church members and an announcement may be placed in the bulletin (subject to other announcements and space) calling attention to the availability of the material and its topic. A related announcement shall inform church members only of the availability of materials if they wish to pursue a matter in order to become a better informed citizen. Any persons making more general announcements for church-sponsored meetings, workshops, worship services etc. should be mindful and respectful of the different and divergent views properly held in a democratic society and in our Parish.
Any announcement regarding a potentially contentious political action that is being urged by a member of the Church of the Ascension at any church affiliated gathering should be reviewed by the Rector prior to the announcement. This will assure that the views of all parties are respected. “Calls for action” may be made, if appropriate. The Communications Commission will assist those who might be interested in placing materials for size, suitability and location etc. The Rector and Senior Warden will decide the appropriateness of any questionable material displays, announcements, or unsuitable issues.