Ascension EYC

eyc pancake breakfast

Here’s some of the crew taking a break at the pancake breakfast.  Thanks guys for a great meal.



Invest in Ascension’s Mission Team:

You can invest in our mission trip team and become a Sponsor.  The cost to sponsor a missioner is $75.  Sponsors will be assigned to individual missioners who will keep their sponsors apprised of their mission trip experience via letters.  Sponsors and church members will also be invited to attend our “Dessert Night Thank You” to see photos of the trip and hear the mission trip team talk about their experiences.

Please write “mission trip sponsor” in the memo line of your check.  You can drop the check in the collection plate or send it to the church office. Please contact Courtney Wheeler if you have any questions.


Flamingo Flocking:

Our Mission Trip Team is helping flocks of pink plastic flamingos migrate to the yards of Ascensionites! If you would like to arrange for a flock to roost in a friend’s yard: 1. Fill out one of the flocking forms located on the bulletin board (by Cox Memorial Garden), 2. Attach a check (write “flamingos” in the memo line), 3. Place the completed form and check in the mission trip mail box. The mission trip team will do the rest! The flock will roost for two days in the designated yard with a sign to let folks know that the flock is helping fund our mission trip, then we will pick them up and migrate them to another yard. The cost for flocking is $30 for a Large Flock (20 Flamingos), and for those of you who want ensure that your yard remains flock free you can buy Flock Insurance for $35. If you have any questions contact Patti Glowatsky.