Pastoral Care

  1. Lay Eucharistic Visitor– Chuck Spence serves as our Lay Eucharistic visitor.  He will bring you communion if you are unable to attend a church service.  All you have to do is call.
  2. Long Term Care Visits – This team visits, calls, or communicates with our elder members who are in assisted living facilities or at home.   And what a delightful group they are.  We have a solid core of visitors but more are welcome to join.
  3. Meal Program  –  We have a dedicated core of people who are ready when necessary to provide a meal for parishoners with medical or family emergencies.  These meals are appreciated by the recipients and due to our large inventory of providers the participants are not overburdened with opportunities to help.
  4. Pastoral Care – This is a group of people who take weekly assignments to communicate with people in the hospital, returning home, or simply in need of a visit or call.   It is usually a low output, great reward  committee.
  5. Prayer and Healing – This is a small group of dedicated individuals who make themselves available twice a month during the Communion portion of both services.   They meet briefly with individuals in need of prayer or simply a caring ear.   I encourage you to take advantage of this ministry and even consider joining their ranks.
  6. Prayer Chain –  This magnificent group is simply there to receive and share requests to pray for the needs of parish members.   It is another example of a lot of people doing just a little work to produce amazing results.
  7. Prayer Shawl – We finally hit a committee that does require a specific skill.   But if you can knit and crochet we have a ministry for you that is very rewarding.   We keep a reserve of prayer shawls to meet an ongoing need due to illnesses, births, baptisms, deaths, graduations, family emergencies, and other special events.
  8. Transportation Team –  This group seeks to make sure no one is denied church attendance due to transportation problems.  We have a group of people ready to provide transportation when necessary.  All you need to do is call the church office in a timely manner so arrangements can be made.


Need some help?   Want to get involved?   Have a suggestion?    Contact Donna Killmon:
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